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Ban capital punishment in name of Gandhi (The Bhushan episode)

March 25, 2012

It is duty of every sane and normal citizen to defend the motherland, and duty of the law to safeguard each and every action taken in interest of the country.
Mr Bhushan wants India to do away with capital punishment. He wants people like Bhullar who wanted to kill Bitta to go scot free; he wants Afzal and Kasab to be released after given hospitality by Govt. of India for 14 years. He wants to ban capital punishment, in name of Gandhi and civilization. He has a disease of soft pigheadedness, commonly found in Congressmen, which divided the country, and still unable to find fault with Gandhi role model. If he has freedom to peach anti national doctrines, people should have freedom to react for it is not them, who are preachers of non violence but preachers of this filthy doctrine are historically the enemies of India. It is time hence for insane Bhushans to take on the beating again and again without complaint for it is them who should, in true Gandhian model turn other cheek for the slap they well deserve!

At times it is the slap which is better reaction, than futile and unending argument. It is the only answer which conveys without uncertainty, of what ought to be done.
It is the primary finding, correlation of argument, the conclusion, verdict and its execution all rolled into one!
It is in fact the natural and positive action which a judicial process would first need a complainant, then would come argument of being a prima-facie cognizable offense or not, thereafter the witnesses of both sides, their round and round repeated arguments, then cross examination, then the argument, the verdict of such a process naturally very careful of all loopholes of witness would be a very doubtful conviction after 20 years, and if at all a mild verdict, then would come the appeals one, two ,three, lastly might begin the chapter of filing in execution, which again has to be filed in a the very slow process.
It is duty of the law to defend, not only the soldiers, but every citizen who stands there to defend the interests of the country!
Also be aware that Prashant Bhushan is nobody to seek ban upon any sena upon Hitlerite model as he wishes!
Imagine an insane clown, who advocates of freedom of his expression, but would like to take away freedom of expression of others. A Gandhian dictator with malaise of soft pig head for all those who are anti Indian but headstrong for altogether different reasons, on matters of self promotion, as icons of non violence, hence above re approach and above criticism, seeking an illegal holier then thou attitude for the enemies of India!

The pretension is of posing as Messiahs! Only next to god, who nobody can point, finger at, or question!
This is actually a type of cult Gandhi has created!
Instead of turning the other cheek for another well deserved slap, they would gladly be willing for another partition of India, or go for constitutional amendment as Indira did at the height of emergency of amending Preamble of the constitution to include the word ‘secular” just in order to convert the obviously left Hindu part of ancient Hindustan, into a no man’s land, it may be of a Christian, or of a Muslim claim it so, but it cannot be that of a Hindu the word ‘secular’ is meant to hammer out the Hindu infection if any, by adopting Islamic and Christian icons which are considered to be certified secular values, the opposite of ‘secular’ being automatically banishment of anything Hindu! That’s a faulty definition of ‘secularism’ we daily live up to, enacted during the emergency!
That’s the Gandhian model we inherited from this illegitimate father of India, i.e. never accept your fault, be adamant and headstrong, go on with holy posturing, be publicity hungry, plead innocence of non violence, give others who differ from you bad names, encourage attacks upon them, try to banish or get them imprisoned, be overactive to please the bully, offer concessions in platter and run after him, if the bully agrees, sell this agreement with the bully as if it were a very big success, which only you could manage with great difficulty and with personal sacrifices, and for any blame hurled upon you , blame your opponents, that all the ills that got included, were actually their creation! I.e. had it not been them the Gandhian model of utopia would have been ‘the final solution of all the ills of the society’.

This is AIDS virus Gandhi spread into mother India!


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