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Gandhian Model

March 25, 2012

The Gandhian model we inherited from this illegitimate father of India, i.e. never accept your fault, be adamant and headstrong, go on with holy posturing, be publicity hungry, plead innocence of non violence, give others who differ from you bad names, encourage attacks upon them, try to banish or get them imprisoned, be overactive to please the bully, offer concessions in platter and run after him, if the bully agrees, sell this agreement with the bully as if it were a very big success, which only you could manage with great difficulty and with personal sacrifices, and for any blame hurled upon you , blame your opponents, that all the ills that got included, were actually their creation! I.e. had it not been them the Gandhian model of utopia would have been ‘the final solution of all the ills of the society’.

This is AIDS virus Gandhi spread into mother India!


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