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Kangaroos of Indian Congress

March 25, 2012

Unfortunately amongst Hindus their happen to be many Kangaroos jumping to gain attention in order to extract political mileage. These are produce of Muslim rape performed upon generations of Hindu women.
In short some very dirty men breed of men have been produced in our country of dirty blood of Muslims rape in their genes.
Another misfortune had been that Gandhi chose the Indian leadership from such men, the likes of Nehru, setting aside the likes of Bhagat Singh, whom he was convinced of being a terrorist. Thus an inferior breed of men gained paramount importance into the Indian system.
Types of infamous men like Jaichand, or Mir Jafar, or Raghoba in fact our own Gandhi who swore lies until the last, that Pakistan shall become a reality upon his dead body, but survived to, undertake fast to death in order to send money to Pakistan engaged in aggression upon Indian soil in Kashmir and in ethnic cleansing of newly founded Pakistan by murdering all Hindu men and raping their women!
Mr. Truth appears to be the type of Nehru, Swami Agnivesh, Arjun Singh or Digvjy Singh who has some pro Muslim political axe to grind.
These types of men are regarded as Quislings and looked down upon in civilized societies of self respecting nations.
Unfortunately in India only these types of men have prospered, and are the ruling elite and framers of law from the past 65 years since Independence!


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