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Do not be a Job-seeker Be a Job-giver

April 9, 2013


This is published in Organiser April 14 issue.

youthTHE crime rate in the cities is on the rise. They blame it on unemployment. Unemployed youth is the devils workshop as he does not have anything productive to be engaged in. On the other hand they have dreams of earning fast money. In search of short cuts to hard cash they inevitably land in some kind of crime racket. This is revealed in the interrogation of suspects of numerous crimes ranging from petty thefts to murder. One of the astonishing facts is that most of these young first time criminals are either well educated or students. So it is not lack of education that is the cause of this perversion of mind. It is much deeper.

The aim of education in modern Bharat has become employment. It is official now. Job-oriented education has been the goal of our national educational…

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