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The Islamic Love Affair With Beheading

December 30, 2013

sharia unveiled

Beheading in Saudi Arabia 2

The sword is historically used for beheading in Saudi Arabia although there are considerations to move to a firing squad due to lack of proper swordsmen.

by, Jennifer James | Al Bawaba

What is beheading?

To get technical, the accurate definition of beheading “typically refers to the act of intentional decapitation  as a means of murder or execution. It may be accomplished, for example, with an axe,swordknifewire, or by other more sophisticated means such as a guillotine.”

To get “un-technical”, it sounds like one of the worst ways to die…ever. Through recent use of the charming death experience as a radical killing method which screams “I have a bigger agenda here than this person’s head”, beheading has become synonymous with extremism, specifically in the Middle Eastern regions.

With so many agonizing ways to kill someone, why is beheading the chosen method of…

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