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Aicha, the most beloved wife to Prophet Muhammad, by Genevieve Chauvel

January 15, 2015

Adonis Diaries

“Aicha la bien-aime du Prophet” by Genevieve Chauvel, (November 19, 2007)

I decided to review “Aicha, the most beloved to the Prophet” for the chronicles of the active life of the Prophet Mohammad, and the specific circumstances that revealed the messages from Archangel Gabriel.  Aicha lived to be 67 of age and experienced Islam since she was born, and she died as Islam was splitting into schisms.

Aicha was born in 616 in Mecca and she was redheaded like her maternal grandmother.  Her father Abu Bakr, later the first Caliph, spared her life because Khadija, the wife of Mohammad, played a part in this difficult and life threatening birth.

Mohammad ibn Abdullah ibn Hachim was an orphan brought up by his uncle Abi Taled, the father of Ali. The father of Muhammad died before his birth and his mother passed away as Muhammad was only 6 of age.  Ali was…

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