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The brahmin brain-drain

April 6, 2015


For particular unstated reasons, I shall concentrate on the brahmins of the southern state of Tamil Nad for a case study. We have earlier discussed how the brahmins might face number of problems in the immediate future, which may destroy them and in the process damage India. We shall now look into the problem of the brahmin brain-drain.

The brahmins of Tamil Nad are a diverse group. Their earliest migrations from North India seem to have started after bAvari, the early colonizer of dakShiNA patha. Their presence in attested in the form of their role in formalizing the Dravidian language Tamil along the lines of Sanskrit in the Tolkappiyam and as composers of early Tamil poetry (eg. Kapilar). Subsequently several great waves of brahmin immigrants moved into the southern state from North India, during the Pallava period, the imperial Chola period and the Vijayanagara-Maharatta period. Specimens of the earliest wave…

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