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Mahatmaisation of India Had Gandhi not arrived upon the Indian scene dressed as a dopa, after doors were closed in his face even despite he dressed up in tail coats, as he himself narrates in ‘Imitating an English gentlemen’, posing as a mahatma to open up his political shop, India would have become independent long ago in 1921, at the time of World War1 by the efforts of Tilak, Malviya, Annie Besent, many others including Jinnah without any partition of the country. The only contribution of this self styled ‘mahatma’ was of insuring the withdrawal, of the spontaneous outbreak of demonstrations everywhere after Jalianwalla Bagh massacre, when Chouri-Choura incident took place and adding upon Non-Violence as the goal of every Indian more important then even Independence from the British. The ultimate ideal for the country, to judge upon any action and to paralyze every other point of view, this, he is said to have said to have emerged from his Jain influences and neighborhood. The other was innovation was of diluting the core doctrine of National love, which is a universal natural phenomenon and of creating a substitute doctrine in its place for a Moslem, that of PAN Islamisation to be an equally good cause, as a valid substitute for Nationalism. Which even Jinnah opposed! In fact his aim and ambition of this neo sprung Mahatma was to outdo any other Hindu or a Muslim by championing their cause, which was the essence of this type of newly found and rather newly established doctrine of easy Mahatmaism so typical of Gandhi that we see its caricature every now and then in our national life or more specifically in day to day politics which lead to the fatal path of vivisection of this ancient country. 1. This delayed the independence of the country by 26 years for without Indian soldiers they couldn’t have won world war 1, even if they did couldn’t have held India any more for long, more so, they would have run for their lives. 2. His self defeating and foolish policies made Jinnah change his mind upon nationalism after staying away from this Hindu Muslim drama which the self styled Mahatma daily enacted, that he finally returned to cross swords with him only in 1935 to teach him a lesson of the basics. 3. Feeding to every Indian the staple of humble submission as the final solution of all ills, i.e. feeding to the unsuspecting minds ideals of cowardliness as the highest of all ideals. 4. Portraying every one other than him and his show boys as if a no body. He tried to lessen credibility’s, be it of the Gadar party martyrs, or revolutionaries e.g. Bismil, Azad, Bhagat Singh or Subash. Basking in vainglory as an unconstitutional authority and a know all dictator who would not cooperate or resort to blackmails e.g. a fast unto death to grab sympathies if Subash presided after winning by majority vote within congress. 5. Their was something even comical about this naïve naked faquir, that most of the time he genuinely believed, and hence insisted upon, that he was the center of the world that everything other then him was secondary and irrelevant, he therefore simply went upon on and on to enact role of superstar. Gandhi in fact emerges as the most foul and quite evil person that Indian history has ever known. A Muslim gave to him his first ever job, his foothold in this world, and a platform to start with his ideas, there upon his reading the book war and peace by Tolstoy, impressed upon him of his own indigenous Jain concept of Non-Violence, he also learnt from Tolstoy the art of public confessions e.g. after fathering illegitimate children within his fiefdom, from which emerged the art of kiss n tell daily by issuing bulletins. One thing he did excel was to cultivate, the art of managing and using the power of the newly evolving media for his own advantage, that is why and how, he boarded the ship an Englishmen, managed a fancy dress on board, to land upon the Indian shores, before a crowd of photographers and clapping bystanders. Behold! A Mahatma has emerged! This is exactly what every new baba does when he tries to open up a shop of babadom! Be it Guru Ram Rahim Anthony or any other.

April 23, 2017

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